Your safe spot

Our websites are designed to meet the specific needs of mission focussed brands. We envision them as virtual headquarters for your team and partners; as platforms to share your mission, build your community and engage with donors and funders. We build our websites to showcase your work, tell your story and inspire people to action. 


As designers we take aesthetics seriously but we also know the importance of functionality and accessibility. We work with strategic design processes to create lasting value and help your brand reach your goals.



(web content management system)


UX and UI

We don’t believe in one size fits all. We’ll adapt and tailor our process to fit your specific needs and goals.

Expect a timeline with regular check-ins so you can follow our progress.

Our process


We’ll take a deep dive into your online presence including your target audience. We’ll put together a comprehensive proposal for meeting your website goals, our design concepts and integrations.

Website navegaiton

This interactive sitemap and menu optimizes user experience and is based on your goals and the needs of your audience.

Style guide

The styleguide is a visual diagram of your organization’s online presence to ensure continuity across all media platforms. The guide includes color palettes, media guidelines, typography, design elements and icons.


Visual prototypes for individual pages are based on the sitemap and style guide. WIth your feedback we can refine our design to align with your vision and needs.


Our team can help organize and improve your written and media content ensuring effective communication with your audience.


We build  high-performance, SEO-optimized and user-friendly website using wordpress. Our design elements are customized  to help you maintain a dynamic presence  with tools for easy editing.

Page Build

Integrating all the content seamlessly into WordPress, we enhance your website with custom features such as  donation forms or multi-language support, we’ll tailor the site to meet your specific requirements.

Testing and Launch

Rigorous testing ensures functionality and compliance. Once final edits are implemented, your website is ready for launch, providing a seamless experience to your users.

Training and Support

We offer digital training, set up backend access, and provide comprehensive documentation for website maintenance. Additionally, our optional ongoing support services to keep your site up-to-date.

Case studies

annual report for nonprofit

A tool for sharing accomplishments

In this project we help the think tank to create a snapshot of their work with products, progressess and impacts.

PAPERS for mission-driven companies

Translating ideas and data

We developed infographics and beautiful layouts in several papers for the SecDev consultancy.

books for mission-driven companies

Art, Life & Beyond

We partner with La Rampa to co-create this large-format independent art book focused on counter-stories and new narratives.