The art of recognition

Our strategy is to identify the compelling story that drives your organization forward and communicate this story through sophisticated visual expressions and experiences that resonate with people.This is a  process of self-discovery which involves getting to know the essence of your brand: your mission, values, audience and a lot more. Our goal is to help you to stand out from the rest and grow your non-profit by developing and maintaining a lasting relationship with your target audience — the people who love what you do and want you to keep doing it!


Brand Strategy

Brand & Rebranding

Project Branding

Media Campaigns

We don’t believe in one size fits all. We’ll adapt and tailor our process to fit your specific needs and goals. 

Expect a timeline with regular check-ins so you can follow our progress.


Here’s an exemple of a basic brand approach: 



Discover the essence of you non-profit

  ●  Meet with your team and supporters to understand your purpose, mission, audiences, values and needs.

  ●  Guided conversations and surveys to get to the core of your brand.

  ●  Identify the core essence and values that define your brand.


Weaving the narrative your storytelling blueprint

 ●  Lay out the compelling story your brand should tell.

 ●  Define the narrative elements that resonate with your audience.

 ●  Craft a brand story that aligns with your mission and evokes emotional connections.


Visual Identity: The Art of Recognition

 ●  Visual direction activities come into play here.

 ●  Improve your unique design aesthetic, including color schemes, typography, and imagery.

 ●  Develop a cohesive visual identity that reflects your brand’s personality and resonates with your audience.


Brand Guide: Setting the Course

 ●  Synthesize your discoveries and visual direction into a concise brand brief.

 ●  This strategic document outlines your brand’s purpose, values, and key messaging.

 ●  It serves as the compass guiding your brand strategy moving forward.


Execution: Bringing Your Brand to Life

 ●  Implement your brand across all platforms: website, social media, funding decks and annual reports.

 ●  Consistently apply your visual elements, tone, and messaging.

Case studies

brand and colaterals for nonprofit


We developed the brand identity, arts and colaterals for the institute.

reBranding for nonprofit

Igarapé Institute

Brand repositioning for one of the most influential think tanks in the global south and creation of products and communication materials.

project branding for nonprofit

Mapping violence

Creation of visual identity for a project that aims to bring attention to the violence faced by women defenders of the Amazon, where later we present the data through infographics on an interactive web page