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Rio de janeiro – brazil

Tell us about your needs.

    We have a cooperative approach with our clients. Let’s determine if we’re a good match.

    What's the process to initiate a project collaboratively?

    Initially, fill our form. We will get in touch to arrange a Zoom call to discuss your challenges, objectives, and needs.


    How much do projects typically cost?

    The starting point for our engagement is at $5,000 USD. This is to ensure ample communication with a senior project manager and maintain a consistently high quality of work, while also accommodating the typical evolution of projects.


    What sectors do we work with?

    Our collaboration is solely with entities prioritizing social impact over profit. We are passionate about partnering with nonprofits, foundations, businesses with a social impact, and startups aiming to disrupt the status quo. If your organization doesn’t align with these categories, we can recommend trusted agencies and freelancers from our network.


    How to know if we have affinities?

    Let’s initiate a dialogue. We strive to build a trusting relationship with our clients. If our collaboration doesn’t seem to be the right fit, there’s no need for concern. Our ultimate goal is to see you excel in your remarkable work, regardless of who you choose to partner with. Prepared to reach out STORM? Say hello!