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Our team excels in the field of designing publications. Consequently, we deliver high-quality outcomes at a cost that aligns with the budgets of nonprofit organizations. The STORM team has successfully launched hundreds of publications. Over the years, we have collaborated with an array of nonprofits, think tanks, universities, associations, and mission-focussed brands. Our creations include visually captivating and meticulously crafted annual reports, policy papers, catalogs, and special reports. All our designs aim to bolster the broader objectives of nonprofit organizations.



Our publications allows your nonprofit organization to share your wins, activities and lessons learned while providing valued transparency and financial accountability. By transforming various data, key messages and impact stories into an easy-to-digest and visually rich experience, your non-profit can engage new and existing supporters while building trust and credibility around your work.


Annual reports can take various forms, whether printed, an accessible PDF, or an immersive microsite; with the right balance of content, media and design, each format invites your audiences to experience a beautiful snapshot of your work while strengthening connections to your community.


We’ll start by understanding your team’s design vision, content needs, themes, and report format. This includes a visual direction activity and reviewing brand guidelines.

Report Concepts
We’ll explore different visual and layout options, such as graphics, colours, typography, icons, and data visualizations. We’ll share and refine these ideas to align with your vision.

After concept approval, your organization provides the content, images, and videos for the publication.

We arrange your content into page layouts, focusing on copy, media, icons, data visualizations and achieving a balanced presentation of your content.

Feedback & Refinement
Your organization will have multiple opportunities to review and share revisions to bring it over the finish line. From here, it’s time to distribute and share your content with the world!

Case studies

annual report for nonprofit

A tool for sharing accomplishments

In this project we help the think tank to create a snapshot of their work with products, progressess and impacts.

PAPERS for mission-driven companies

Translating ideas and data

We developed infographics and beautiful layouts in several papers for the SecDev consultancy.

books for mission-driven companies

Art, Life & Beyond

We partner with La Rampa to co-create this large-format independent art book focused on counter-stories and new narratives.