A creative agency for nonprofits
and mission-driven brands

Transform your key messages and select data into visually engaging annual reports, funding decks, strategic papers and interactive microsites

Create a visual identity that shows your organization's unique position, aligns your team and grows your community. Be consistent with presentations, templates and digital campaigns

Build a custom digital experiences applying user experience research, web design and UI/UX design systems

We create unique design experiences that reflect and evolve your brand.

Partners and clients

"We had the pleasure of working with Storm Design and they took our brands to another level. They succeeded in producing new designs which brought attention to one of our overlooked technical strengths. They developed a new visual language for one of our most important projects which is now become a national legal case study"

Rafael Sales
Partner at OXY Social Research and Development

"Storm Design was an excellent creative partner. They were objective in their ideas and suggestions with lots of great options. Turnarounds were timely and efficient. We were extremely pleased with the new products they created and the thoughtful communication and feedback."

Eduardo Strucchi

Design for social impact